Santiago Figueira  

PhD in Computer Science
Researcher CONICET
Professor at the
Department of Computer Science
FCEyN, University of Buenos Aires

Pabellón I - Ciudad Universitaria (C1428EGA)
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Office 24
TE: +54 11 4576-3390/6 ext. 708
FAX: +54 11 4576-3359
e-mail: santiago at

Santiago Figueira


Director of GLyC - Logic, Language and Computability Research Group.

Research interests:

  • Theoretical computer science
  • Computability theory
  • Algorithmic randomness
  • Kolmogorov complexity
  • Algorithmic information theory
  • Mathematical logic
  • Model theory
  • Modal logics


PhD thesis

PhD Students

  • Sergio Abriola. Model theory, proof theory, and computational aspects of logics for reasoning on data trees
  • Gabriel Senno (direction together with Ariel Bendersky). A computer-theoretical outlook on foundations of quantum information
  • Sergio Romano. Machine learning on sparse data: an approach based on inductive inference

Science popularization talks (in Spanish)